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This is a [MAJOR UPDATE] because it is announcing several new events. The next email will not go to anyone who has opted out of all updates at the bottom of this message.

Dearest Patrons,

Well look at you! Three updates for the price of none. Goodness gracious, what kind of a deal are you getting? Nobody can afford to get that many updates for that kinda price. Sounds like you have an under-the-table supplier. You do, don'cha? So what's your excuse? These updates just "fell off the truck", eh? You found them on the side of the road? Likely story. I'm going to have to report this to the supervisor. 

Then again, I'm easily bribed. Especially when paid in attention. You willing to pay? I see. Alright, then I'll look the other way. This time.

Game Diego: March 23rd!

The first 40 tickets come with a free goodie!

After missing Fall due to making a gigantic board game floor, we're back with another One day Board Game Bash! San Diego's biggest boardgame convention returns the weekend before Easterween!

Come on down and play hundreds of board games, grab some food, meet vendors, the whole thing!

We're even bringing GameFrame: The massive 400sqft boardgame that we had to skip Game Diego Fall to make:

Come and give it a go! It'll be on the main stage for Game Diego, and also making an appearance at GamerCon the first weekend of February! It'll be a lot of fun, so give it a go! And of course,

The first 40 people who buy tickets to Game Diego will get a free goodie at check in! You have 24 hours before I announce the event on social media and the goodies get sold out.

Easterween: March 30th!

We anticipate that, what with all the excitement over the various games that are going to be run at Game Diego, that guests are apt to leave the place absolutely littered with Eggs. We normally just clean up all these eggs ourselves, but this year we've decided to let other people pay us for the privilege.

Eggs plus escape room puzzles. Hundreds of eggs hidden, none in sight. Eggs hidden in locked boxes, eggs hidden in vases. Eggs hidden behind clever puzzles, eggs hidden in evil places. Tickets will not last long! We've halved the slots from last time to better control the chaos.

Get $10 off when you do both!

Get $10 off per person when you buy admission to both events! 

First book Easterween Tickets, then get tickets to Game Diego during checkout!

Last email's Poll Results

Last Month, we had a lot of opinions on what we should build next, but there was one clear winner with half of the vote: a 15-minute escape room. We hear you, and we suspect that if "full escape room" were an option, that that one would get even more of the vote. 

So! We will be beginning work on something like that very soon. Thank you for your submission.

This month's poll has been suspended by our botany team. We're not sure why.

We'll chat more soon. I've got a very clever idea I wish to share with you. 


The Puzzalarium

3864 5th Avenue, San Diego

California, United States of America

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